Bali Holiday Villas have better privacy, lower costs and more space than hotels

Privacy, cost and space are the key reasons why renting a luxury vacation villa on the island paradise of Bali, Indonesia can be a superior experience to booking a hotel for a vacation abroad.

By their very nature, hotels are often located near airports, in the center of busy commercial areas, or surrounded by noisy nightclubs and restaurants. When you book a hotel room, you should expect there to be plenty of other travelers nearby. You can be there to see the sights, but you can also expect to see lots of other tourists.

Hotels often have crowded indoor bars, nightclubs and pool areas, all of which tend to create noise and interfere with your privacy. All too often, there can be late-night poolside parties in Bali hotels that probably won’t encourage you to get a good night’s sleep.

Villas, however, are often built in spectacular waterfront areas, or tucked away in mountainous regions with sensational views, perhaps even in the midst of rural Balinese villages. Many villas have their own private pools, where you can ‘skin dip’ to your heart’s content, if you wish, in complete privacy and peace. When you rent a villa for a vacation, you almost certainly have the entire house and gardens for your own use, usually with plenty of getaway nooks where you can find peace or immerse yourself in a good book.

The villas have their own large kitchens so you can avoid the need to go to expensive restaurants or even cook your own meals. Many villas in Bali have their own in-house employed help staff who can even prepare custom meals for you, if you’re not the kitchen type.

Hotel rooms generally have only one bathroom. Villas often have an en-suite bathroom in each room, which means a lot more privacy, space, and options.

Hotel rooms usually have a bar fridge where you pay strictly per item you consume. The villas have a full size fridge and even a freezer that you can pack with the precise food, snacks or soft drinks you prefer.

Depending on whether you’re willing to pay for a suite, hotel rooms, particularly in Bali, tend to be designed to accommodate as many people as possible in a building. Some even have specially designed (small) furniture that tries to make a small room seem bigger. Let’s just say that most mid-tier hotels are designed for as many people as they can afford. Space is scarce.

When renting a villa for your vacation, and many have four bedrooms or more, you can expect to pay up to 50% less, per square foot, than you would at an average hotel. Because they are often located in high-density, high-demand commercial areas, hotels have to charge higher prices to ensure they cover their high rental overheads.

In hotels, you will probably have to queue at the reception to organize excursions, trips or additional services. You may even find that most of the best food is gone if you arrive too late for breakfast. Breakfast hours are very restricted in a hotel, because you have to serve many more people.

In a villa, however, you have your own house staff dedicated to your personal service. You can sleep late and have breakfast whenever you want. The helpers in the village can prepare meals for you at your whim and can go shopping for the precise ingredients you prefer. They can do daily cleaning, laundry and can organize transportation, car or motorbike rental and book daily excursions for you. No queues, no crowds, less hassle and no wasted time.

Despite these reasons, official figures from Bali show that more than 70% of visiting international tourists stay in hotels, while only 16.4% stay in Bali villas. Most are missing out on the unique villa experience.

There are many reasons why booking your Bali vacation in a luxury villa is so much better than being confined to a hotel room once again. It has been said that once a traveler stays in a villa for a vacation, they will never want to submit to the traditional hotel experience again.

The next time you plan a vacation to Bali, why not consider the Villa option? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference from a hotel experience.

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