Best Terran MMM build order for Starcraft 2 – Good strategy from Shokz SC2 Marines Marauders Medivacs

MMM is for the combination of Terran strategy Marines, Marauders and Medivacs. Unlike the mechanical terran construction, MMM moves quickly and easily. They can hit your enemy in different places at the same time.

The advantage of this specific strategy is that these units work perfectly together with each unit. Stim Packs are very effective and allow Marauders and Marines to be strong in combat, then Medivacs support them and heal them after they leave with their Stim Pack. One more thing, then you can focus on upgrading your infantry in Engineering Bay, and for each upgrade, this will benefit your marines and marauders.

This 3M strategy also allows you to convert your infantry into Medivacs and then place them somewhere in your enemy’s base. You can do this on your enemy’s mineral lines or elsewhere to divide your opponent’s army.

So Marauders are a good support unit, which can turn the tide of the game if used correctly with the correct combinations. Also, keep an eye out for air units and focus your fire on armored units to deal as much damage as possible.

Here is a basic MMM build command:

1. Get a 10 SCV cap, then make a supply depot.

2. Keep doing SCV, then 12 cap, go with Barracks and do a non-stop scv pump. Also get gas and have the orbital command after the barracks is built.

3. At 16 Cap, build your second depot, then place the tech lab in your barrack and then take out those marauders.

4. Build the second barracks, take the MULE when the orbital command is performed and produce a reactor in your second barracks. Pump marines and marauders continuously.

5. Then you can build a factory, then a starport to do medivac, or probably a siege tank.

6. When you have the MMM combo, it’s time to give your enemy a boost.

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