Big Green Egg Grill – Smoked and BBQ

The best thing about Big Green Egg Grill is the diversity of cooking options available to you, including the option to smoke food, grill, and bake outdoors.

Green Egg Grill is a well designed barbecue that is easy to set up and very simple to use. It is available in several different sizes, depending on how much cooking you need to do. It comes in a mini version, what they call the original, large, and extra large version. Obviously, the more food you tend to cook with each barbecue, or the more guests you entertain, the more cooking space you’ll need. Usually this will lead you to one of the larger models. If in doubt, call the company, as their customer service is excellent.

This grill is very functional in all types of weather. So even if you live in northern climates, you can still get great cooking results even in the dead of winter, when it’s snowing and cold. The key is the unique shape and construction of the barbecue that uses ceramic for the walls. The ceramic material can withstand very cold temperatures and also allows the grill to heat up to 1800 ° F. Of course, when you are cooking outside in the middle of a snowstorm, your next door neighbor may think you are a little strange, but He won’t think about it the next time you invite him to try some of your grilled food.

The construction of the Green Egg Grill allows it to maintain a constant temperature for a long time even when using traditional charcoal. For example, if you want to simmer ribs or other meats at a very low temperature, say 250 ° F for several hours, you don’t have to worry about temperature variations as much as you would with a normal barbecue.

This barbecue is very versatile and allows you to simmer your food, but it is also ideal for smoking meats and grilling different types of vegetables and fish. You can also use this grill to simulate a brick oven to cook pizza with exceptional flavor. Everyone has heard of New York’s famous fire pizzas, and this grill can simulate those conditions with extreme heat and ceramic brick walls.

In addition, there are a number of accessories that are made specifically for this grill, including a walking device that allows you to sauté rice or vegetables very easily. Another accessory that many people will find useful is the practical cool fish. Grilling fish has always been a difficult thing to master for many people, because it is so easy to overcook fish and lose all flavor and enjoyment. With this barbecue, even the most novice chef should be able to create tender fish dishes with slow and steady cooking.

This is a durable product and your investment should last for many years. Conventional barbecues cannot come close to some of the flavors that can be achieved with the Green Egg Grill.

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