Chris Benoit – Killer of His Own Legacy

Due to the terrible weather and flooding here in the UK, I’ve been without an internet connection for several days, but you won’t need much of a guess about what my page would have been, Chris Benoit.

For those UK fans unaware due to a lack of internet connection and lack of UK coverage or fans anywhere in the world who have yet to find out on Monday, Chris Benoit was found dead. Unfortunately, the tragedy is not complete there, as before Benoit took his own life, he took his wife Nancy (some of you may remember Nancy as a Woman in WCW) on Friday and, most annoying of all. , his son Daniel, just 7, on Saturday. Benoit is believed to have killed them both under the influence of steroids, but at this time that is not yet proven. Chris Benoit hanged himself on Monday.

If Benoit had died in a car accident or from an overdose, he would now be writing a wrestling eulogy counting one of the greatest in-ring artists of all time and a true professional, a man whose advice to Angle, Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero will be living as classics of all time and who has serious claims of one of the greatest Wrestlemania main events of all time (with Shawn Michaels and Triple H). However, circumstances make everything Benoit accomplished within the squared circle obsolete. By killing his own wife and son, Benoit too, at least for me, also killed his wrestling legacy.

Some may feel that what happened outside the ring should have nothing to do with how wrestling fans remember Benoit, but I cannot share these views. I may be a huge wrestling fan, but first and foremost I am a father and I cannot think of a crime worse than killing your own blood, no matter the circumstances.

During the bad weather and no internet connection in the last few days, I have seen many old wrestling tapes on many of these where they fight with Benoit. With each of these matches, I found myself only able to watch several minutes of the fight and then, getting ahead of myself, I could no longer watch it. Even one of my all-time favorite matches with Benoit versus Kurt Angle from the Royal Rumble was impossible to watch.

No doubt WWE will be asked questions once again, after all steroids seem to be involved in yet another WWE Superstar deaths, but this time I feel like it would be hard to blame that door. If everything we’ve been told so far turns out to be the truth, then Benoit and Benoit alone is the only person responsible, on steroids or without steroids. People who excuse their actions and blame steroids would do well to ask themselves this: If someone they don’t know killed a loved one of theirs, they would, except as an excuse, I highly doubt it.

It’s annoying that so many good memories are destined to be abandoned, but sadly it will be so for this writer. My heart goes out to the Benoit family and friends and hopefully for wrestling fans this is the last tragedy in a long time to hit them, it’s a shame Benoit destroyed his legacy in his path.

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