DeLonghi AS1870B Convection Rotisserie Oven

I’ve heard nightmare stories about buying convection ovens. The nightmares included issues with the unit’s heat, size, and appearance. So I did a lot of research before deciding on this unit. After quality and price, some of the biggest concerns I had were the height and appearance of the oven. I was looking for something a little more retro and streamlined. I have had my DeLonghi oven for three months and I am absolutely satisfied with it. It looks stunning with black and chrome accents AND fits with plenty of room between my counter space and the closet above.

I use my DeLonghi primarily to cook rotisserie chicken, and it does an excellent job! My whole family loves the way the inside of the bird stays juicy and moist, while the outside is evenly browned. I just tie the bird up and put it on the broiler, set the timer, and come back when it’s done. Cleanup is pretty easy too, as I just line the crumb tray with aluminum foil and throw it away when the cooking is done! I can always throw some veggies in foil and cook them with the chicken, so my total meal prep time is usually less than ten minutes … that means a lot to me!

Another of my concerns was how hot the outside of the oven gets during cooking. All the reviews I read about the different countertop ovens said that heat was a big problem. Since I don’t keep it near anything that gets damaged by heat, that hasn’t been a big problem for me. But even though the unit gets hot to the touch, it definitely doesn’t heat up the kitchen when I use it. That makes it much more pleasant to use than my large oven, which makes cooking quite uncomfortable, especially during the summer. Also, with my children close by, I feel more secure.

I’ve also used it to bake mini loaves of bread, steam veggies, cook personal-size pizzas, and I’ve even made homemade jalapeno poppers! It works much better than my larger oven for making snacks and small meals. The only negative thing I can say about this oven is they say it will cook up to a 12 pound bird, the largest I have been able to fit that will turn properly on the broiler was 8 pounds. A larger bird could fit, but it would have to be roasted, not roasted. I am very pleased with this oven and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great looking unit that has a rotisserie, convection, and fairly small counter space.

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