Explore the eccentric beauty of the heavenly island of Paxos in serenity

If you are looking for a tourist destination where you can do nothing, just relax and enjoy the restorative stay, then you must plan your trip to the most beautiful island of Paxos. The wonderful island of land in the Ionian Sea is very small with 19 square kilometers. You can even explore the entire island by walking. Well, you have plenty to do and go through, despite its small area: three main port towns, 30 beaches, surrounding olive groves, rugged cliffs, caves, and blue water.

If you are very concerned about privacy and your main goal of traveling is to find serenity, then you can spend a month here in solitude.

This island is known for its idyllic approach and tranquil atmosphere, and for a romantic stay, nothing could be more in demand than serenity, privacy, and scenic beauty. After all, there is a mythology behind the establishment of this island.

According to myth, the god of the sea, Poseidon created this wonderful island as a love nest for himself and Amfitriti. Since then, the island has maintained its charm and gives each visitor a sense of paradise with its picturesque settings and enchanted settlements.

This island can be reached by boat, either from Corfu or from Parga. After arriving on the island, you can feel the purity and tranquility in the environment. The centuries-old settlement in the villages will captivate you with its eccentric beauty. Let’s start going through the port towns one by one to experience the ancient Greek settlement up close.

Stroll through the narrow streets of Gaios

Start your excursion from the capital town of Paxos, Los Gaios, which is also the main port of the island. You can walk through the narrow streets of this town and also try your tongue to taste the best coffee and delicious homemade ice cream. You can find wonderful waterfront taverns and you can enjoy Greek food served on your plates. You can also visit the museum and a gallery in this town, if you love to explore history and art.

Explore the magnificent settlement at Loggos

If you want to experience the traditional settlement and want to taste delicious food then Loggos is a must visit place for you. Known as a fishing village, this was a commercial town in the past with several factories. However, it is still a commercial terrain with a few shops, several restaurants, and dozens of taverns.

Go sailing in Lakka

Lakka on the other side looks vibrant with the church, the lighthouse, the yacht club and some taverns. If you want to go a bit adventurous on this quiet island, then crawl to sail and have fun.

Thirty beaches for a leisure walk

You are in Paxos and you have not crossed the beaches, then your trip is a failure. You have 30 beaches and they are all pebbles. However, if you are going on an excursion to Erimitis, you can find a perfect amalgam of white sand and pebbles on the beach. Don’t forget to watch the sunset and sunrise on this beach. You are sure to fall in love with the miraculous beauty of nature. You can take a walk with your beloved on the pebble beaches and feel the freshness that is spread everywhere.

A walking tour through the inner beauty of Paxos

If you love walking, nothing better than walking along trails to explore this wonderful island and its impressive views. You can experience the unspoiled and beautiful nature at a very slow pace. A romantic walk around the olive groves with your partner would be the best way to explore the island and find enough time to lose yourself in romantic conversations during the walk.

Book a boat for a West Coast excursion

You have a lot of smooth things to explore on the east coast, but there are a few things that show you the rough edges of this island in the most beautiful way. Book a boat and travel to the west coast. The entire western coastal area can be explored by boat and therefore you can have the opportunity to see coves and cliffs during the excursion.

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