How do you know if your golden retriever is pregnant?

There’s a good reason why the Golden Retriever dog breed belongs to the top ten most popular dog breeds. He is loyal, warm, kind and very affectionate with his masters. And there are very few people in the world who can look at a plump, fluffy golden retriever puppy and not make their heart melt. Maybe that’s why anything with the image of a playfully jumping golden retriever puppy is sure to fly off the shelves.

The breeding of golden retrievers is a serious and very challenging feat. It requires a lot of special attention from the breeder towards the bitch, from when she goes into heat until she gives birth.

From the day of rearing, you should count between 60 and 62 days, which is usually the time that a golden retriever’s pregnancy lasts. A few days after mating, you should be able to notice that there is a clear discharge from the bitch’s vulva. Take her to a vet immediately if you notice that the discharge is not clear or has blood. It can be a sign of infection.

Watch for signs that things have gone wrong during pregnancy. Lethargy or laziness can be expected, accompanied by some morning sickness, however if the dog is noticeably weaker, unable to move, or has a higher than normal temperature, take him to a vet immediately.

Pregnant golden retrievers also start to have different food preferences, either in type or in portions. Don’t be surprised if your once picky dog ​​suddenly begins to gobble up your food, or if your eating machine suddenly raises its nose and runs away.

If you want to be sure that your dog is pregnant, you should do a test. A very reliable test is a blood test to detect relaxin in the blood, a hormone that can only be found if the dog is pregnant. You can also go for more effective methods such as ultrasound, which can capture a puppy’s heartbeat as early as 25 days after the stallion, and an x-ray that can see the number of puppies and confirm that they are in the correct position for the stud. birth.

You will also notice that once the dog has stabilized its eating habits, your female dog will gain weight and her nipples will swell. The extra milk production is in preparation for the puppies, and the extra fat in their bodies allows both the mother and the puppies to maintain adequate nutrition.

From time to time, you may notice that your Golden Retriever is not as affectionate or warm as usual, and will want to spend some time alone. You will notice that she stays away from you and always looks for a quiet, cold place away from any interruptions. Do not worry about that. It is simply the dog’s natural maternal instinct that intervenes. You are looking for a safe place to give birth to your puppies when the time comes.

Caring for a pregnant golden retriever is very difficult and rewarding. In the end, if done right, not only will you have a happy, healthy mommy on your hands, you’ll also be a grandfather to some cute furballs!

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