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How to gain muscle and lose fat – 3 easy tips

So do you want to gain muscle? Did you know that when you gain muscle you are building fuel burners for your body? That’s how it is. Muscle burns fat and keeps it away. This is where the term “turn fat into muscle” comes from.

Let us begin. Here are some simple tips.

1. Diet plays a key role in gaining muscle. If your body doesn’t have enough calories, it won’t have enough energy to build muscle mass. Your diet should also consist of the right types of food for your body. For example, your car requires Premium fuel, would you lower octane? No, especially if it’s a Corvette! Treat your body the same way. You may not think you’re a Corvette yet, but you will be. Eat whole grain breads, lean meats, fruits, drink smoothies with flax seeds, natural peanut butter, milk, eat legumes (beans), vegetables. Stop going out to eat. Fast food is very bad for you and very fuel inefficient!

2. Lifting weights is essential for building muscle. Try to do the widest range of weight lifting activities possible to work all the key areas of the body. You want to have a balanced muscle tone, not disproportionate. As you begin to lift weights, work your way up to a specific weight and hold it. To build muscle, you must lift the same amount of weight each time repetitively. If you’re looking to build strength, keep adding weight, but that’s not what we’re trying to do here.

3. Aerobic exercises burn calories and melt fat. Try walking and running. These are the simplest things you can do. This will give your body more definition and reveal muscles you couldn’t see before.


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