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How to use a virtual landline number to improve your business credibility

More than 70% of customers tend to trust companies that operate within their local area than those based abroad. When your brand is still unknown for the reason that the business was recently established, it is quite difficult to win the loyalty of the potential customer and assure the future buyer that you are not a fraud. Revealing the address of a PO Box may not be enough, while even having a directory address may mean that the business is simply registered as a branch. An 800 number is ideal for local customers because it is free to call, but it is not a specified city number, but rather a “No Caller ID” often used for marketing purposes. Local phone numbers are much more reliable at first glance, memorable, and common. You can show a city or region code to the caller, while incoming calls arrive on your personal computer or mobile phone, according to the forwarding settings you choose. Placing a local phone number on the home page of your website gives your business a 100% local feel.

A virtual phone number can be used perfectly as a local landline number. Imagine that your customers dial a regular landline number in their country as usual; It would greatly increase the credibility of your business! Without any doubts about the physical existence of the company, without worries about expensive international call rates, quick and easy way to get in touch. Simply choose the country in which you want to set up your virtual ‘representative office’, which is usually a country where you sell your goods or services, and connect a virtual local landline number for that region.

With this technology, you can stay competitive and run your own business comfortably on the go, without spending a lot of money on the necessary communication devices. Using a virtual number greatly increases your mobility and productivity. Whenever you stay or move, your clients can always reach you due to the call forwarding feature.

Some benefits and features of a local virtual number placed on your website:

Cost savings – The use of VoIP technology requires less investment than the use of a common telephone line connection. No special equipment must be purchased for the phone number to work properly. A free app can be downloaded to start using it right away. Call rates for both local and international calls are much lower than with national operators.

Mobility – Connect with your potential customers. People tend to be more confident and prefer to deal with a local business due to cultural, convenience, distance, or tax issues.

Efficiency – Offering more than one contact number. Depending on the size and need of your business, you may need to have more than one virtual number for your business. If you are doing business in more than one city, then it is wise to have local virtual numbers for each of the cities to give your business a multi-location look.

Flexibility – A virtual phone number is not connected to any particular device. It is hosted on a virtual server by a service provider and therefore can be directed to any chosen device: computer or mobile phone in any time zone and geographical location. This feature allows you to enjoy high mobility and yet always be accessible. In addition, there is the possibility of installing telephone services developed for the best functionality and use of the virtual number.

Professionalism – Creation of extensions and separate departments. As with a normal telephone line, it is possible to form short extension numbers to divert the caller to the appropriate department. When using an IVR, virtual assistant, or voice menu option, it is incredibly useful to offer extended connections for each business function separately.

A local number makes it look like a trusted local service provider.


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