In-depth Automotive Review – Mazda CX-7 2008 – Test Drive and Pricing

Wow, I’m impressed with what the “New” Mazda has in its stable. This has always been the only manufacturer that has been able to go unnoticed. Mazda is always putting out great cars, just take a look at the popular Mazda-3 and MX-5 (Miata) roadsters, consumers love them. It hasn’t been since the new CX-7, the company has ever had an SUV that compares to some of the best. I had the pleasure of coming to take a look at the 2008 CX-7 and its stable companion, the nine-passenger CX-9. Both variations had a lot to be desired, and more to appreciate when you have the ability to get behind the wheel and push with enthusiasm as you would their rotary-inspired cousins.

The first-hand impressions of the new SUV were astonishing. I have never seen such a revolutionary look from the conventional box SUV, it has taken some of its aerodynamic look from its line of cars. The front end design had an RX-8 mix while staying true to a muscular front fa├žade. The CX-7 had impressive 18 “factory wheels and a nice low center of gravity to complement the look. This not only helped with stability and body roll, but also made entry and exit smooth. so easy. No wonder every woman had nothing but great things to say about that item. Sleek, bold and clean were just a few words to describe the CX-7.

Second, I was delighted to drive a well-equipped Touring model with sport cloth seats and navigation. The seats were sporty, had good lateral support, and the fabric was durable. Something a little different from other car companies. I really loved the way the dash was put together, many angular cab shapes and the anti-glare coating give it a high-end appeal. This model was also equipped with the Active Select Automatic Transmission, a feature I liked even more when I don’t have to mess with the clutch. It was easy to transition all gears on my own. Plus, the stereo system sounded great, the XM satellite radio is a bonus, and the navigation was clear and easy to operate. Truly an up-to-date piece of mobile tech, and it would clearly win over buyers with the ease of use of the controls.

I got into the back seat and found the headroom to be a bit small. And that’s easy to understand because, from the outside, it’s one of the shorter-looking SUVs out there yet, for which there is a trade-off. The AWD model I looked at with all options but a sunroof and leather put my bill just over $ 33k. And the base models click $ 27,990 with about $ 37k at the maximum price. Expect $ 1,800 to $ 2,700 of room for maneuver from invoice to MSRP, so there’s little negotiation to switch, and you’ll also receive the appropriate incentives. A modest price range for a median and is easily competitive with similar rates.

I’m glad I had a chance to review the new CX-7, it ranks high on my list of SUVs with decent fuel economy and a look that appeals to a younger generation. I’ll be doing a review of your longer body CX-9 soon and tell you exactly why it’s the best compromise for the Suburban and Expedition EL. Check back soon for more reviews!

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