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True, San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and statistically the largest city in the state, but does it have more to offer? It is tea nightlife center and outstanding hotels in the region? Well that’s debatable and it varies between who you ask.

There are other cities in Puerto Rico, most of which harbor their own unique traits that attract different streams of tourists throughout the year.

Looking at the tour is Rio Grande, a city about 20 minutes west of Fajardo (discussed below) and a short excursion southeast from San Juan. Rio Grande is known for combining the commotion and diversity of the capital city with the sedate attitude of a smaller, more elusive coastal city. Luxury resorts with tropical forests and encompassing beaches are prime examples of fusion.

Fajardo It is another large city with natural attractions such as the Bioluminescence Bay, the El Conquistador Hotel and the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve.

Humacaom is the largest city in eastern Puerto Rico. Its beaches are not that attractive and it inhabits that classic sleepy beach town lifestyle, but what it does offer is the largest hotel in the area, Palmas del Mar.

Composed of the Esperanza and Isabel Segunda II neighborhoods, Vieques island It is the last stop on the tour.

  • Hope It is characterized by the Malic√≥n, which houses several small restaurants, guest houses, a museum and two dive shops. The neighborhood is specifically a residential area and there is also an adjacent park just a few blocks away.
  • Elizabeth Second II it is considered the “city” of the Island of Vieques II.

Wherever your tour takes you, Puerto Rico always proves to be a memorable destination for the many visitors who enjoy its resources each year.


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