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david shadow "Master Lover’s Manual" – A review of the "masterful lover" Schedule

The subtitle of this book is “Advanced Sexual Techniques and Practical Hypnosis to Give Women Incredible Pleasure.” Before tackling the information in the Masterful Lover’s Handbook, David recommends that he read his Fundamentals Handbook, as it gives him all the “basics” he needs to move on to the advanced stuff. And even the “basics” presented in that guide are so advanced that most other guides are blown out of the water. I have not seen anything comparable. So when David Shade says “Advanced Sexual Techniques,” he means it.

“This Manual is a narrative of my journey in search of the last

it means giving women incredible pleasure.” -pp.2 Masterful Lover Manual

The story begins after David attended a Stage Hypnosis seminar given by Mark Cunningham, also known as Major Mark. When he got home, he mesmerized his willing girlfriend and quickly turned things in a sexual direction. Under hypnosis, he told her that he had grown a penis, very soon he was stroking the air over her abdomen, and after some training, he was able to climax only by stroking her imaginary member. Imagine, a woman having a real orgasm by stimulating her imaginary penis! From that point, the rest of the book unfolds almost like a fairy tale of sexual exploration. The things he reported just blew me away.

The best part of this show is the excruciating detail in which David explains each sexual encounter. He explains in detail how to hypnotize a woman into a state of sexual being; He explains everything he did to help his wife have every type of orgasm imaginable. And by all types, I mean EVERY type; vaginal, anal, squirting, prolonged orgasm (up to an hour), nipple orgasm, etc. She even had orgasms sleeping with him because he helped her orgasm through the stimulation of her labia. This thing is wild.

On a side note, I like quotes at the bottom of pages, like this: “A man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please a woman!” -Napoleon Hill. They add to the overall feel of the book and serve as good food for thought.

The Masterful Lover Manual goes into some physical sexual techniques, however most of David Shade’s physical techniques are covered in his Foundations Manual. This product is mostly about mental sexual techniques, which is an area that no other guide really touches on. And the internal mental techniques are much more powerful than any physical technique you can learn. The technique called “Thinkoff” will allow you to give a woman an orgasm without any physical stimulation. This guide will teach you how to pleasure women using only your voice.

The program relies heavily on the use of hypnosis. This may make some readers uncomfortable, however I can personally attest to its effectiveness. When I first got this program, I tried it on my girlfriend at the time and had fantastic results. After just a few weeks, he was having multiple prolonged ejaculatory orgasms on command. She could easily orgasm during intercourse, or at any time. You absolutely must read this book if you want to blow your woman’s mind with her own sexuality. Mr. Shade provides you with a complete hypnosis script and gives you many ideas for trying hypnosis.

He even outlines 11 easy steps to take a woman who has never been exposed to this before and help her experience every type of orgasm imaginable in the fewest sessions. However, some readers (myself included) may like more information on performing hypnosis, inducing trance, etc. to get comfortable with the whole idea of ​​hypnosis before taking things to a sexual level. For those readers, I would recommend Steven Hall’s How to Hypnotize as a good companion guide to this product. It will quickly bring you up to speed on all aspects of hypnosis and help you feel comfortable performing it.

In general, the Masterful Lover’s Manual amazed me. He was continually impressed with every page he read and every technique he learned. The best part: it works. It is not just a story without practical application. Everything in the book is usable and reliable. If you want to take your sex game to the next level, there are few products that I can recommend more than this. It is a must read for every man.


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