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Hippie party games will make your party great

Hippies Party Games can bring an air of excitement to your party. Hippies denote the 60’s era and your games can be something that represents that era or they can be simple and interesting games just to engage all your guests to have a wonderful time. It should be noted that there should be games for both children and adults or everyone can participate in the same game together, but the bottom line is that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

who knows who is the best

This is going to be a wonderful game for your Hippies Party Games. What you need is to make teams, and each team would be a family, parents and children. In this game, children are asked different questions about their parents and the parents are asked to wait outside for the time when the questions are asked. When the question and answer session ends, the parents are asked to come inside. After that, the same questions that are asked of children are asked of parents. The team or teams that score the most points receive gifts.

dance competition

In your Hippies Party Games invitation, you should ask your guests to wear hippie costumes. This event is going to be very fun and exciting because all children and adults are going to participate in it and the theme of this game is that each individual has to participate in the dance competition. The guests that you will define as judges will choose the winners. You can also add a category of the funniest dancer, which will be really awesome.

Hippie party games need to be thought of in a way that each and every individual participates, with no escape for anyone. Everyone’s participation in the games will create an aura of extreme fun and excitement and the atmosphere will be filled with smiles and laughter.


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