Home theater: do you want one?

A long time ago, the concept of home theater would have been beyond the thoughts of most of us; a luxury limited to the super-rich, the super-famous or trendy moviegoers. Going to the movies was the highlight before, where photos were shown, young couples went to be intimate, and people met and chatted throughout the ages (remember them?). Films like Giuseppe Tornatore’s beautiful Cinema Paradiso document the central role that theaters played in the leisure time of ordinary people not too long ago.

But with the movie industry struggling to bring people back to the movies, the time has come to bring things back into the house. This revolution will definitely be televised. Cue the rise of the home theater system. With a sharp rise in affordable DVDs and plummeting retail prices for once-high-end things like projectors and 60″ LCD TVs, it’s getting easier to make that precious movie adventure in your home. home.

Some of this progress may be due to the growth of video games: the home theater may become an integral part of any hardcore gamer’s gaming ritual. Through titles like Dishonored coupled with new technologies like the Oculus Rift, video games seem to be moving down the path where immersive areas and virtual reality experiences will become the norm. And nobody likes an immersive atmosphere with 2D sound? Since these games compete to appeal to all the senses, these games must not only look appealing, but also sound good.

Once you’ve identified your screen or maybe your projector, home theater is essentially about the audio system. This will definitely be limited by the tools you need to work with – if you’re currently in a shed at the end of the garden, don’t expect much from multi-channel surround sound or acoustics. As soon as you have the best location for your home theater, it’s time to select your speakers. The more sound system you have, the more immersive the sonic atmosphere will be. It’s not all about volume, though: too many low-quality speakers can make Avatar’s roaring forests sound like a choir of tiny crickets.

Whichever home theater system you choose, you can be sure there’s a custom setup ready to satisfy your every whim. So, whether you’re an introspective movie buff who wants to beat the crowd and the popcorn hum, or an aspiring business-minded theater owner, or a true professional video gamer, the home theater is definitely the place to go. the future for your needs.

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