Is There a Common Area For Group Activities in the Student Accommodation in Cambridge?

Group Activities in the Student Accommodation in Cambridge

If you’re looking for an ideal Cambridge student accommodation, look no further than Anglia House. This purpose-built property is just a short cycle (or walk) from Anglia Ruskin University and 15-minute cycle ride from the world-famous University of Cambridge, making it a perfect choice for any aspiring student. It’s also ideally located for the local amenities the modern student needs, such as shops, coffee shops, restaurants and a state-of-the-art 8-screen, all-leather reclining seated Vue Cinema.

Cambridge is renowned globally for its world-leading education, but the city has much more to offer. From punting along the River Cam to exploring the numerous museums, there’s no shortage of cultural and social activities that will capture the heart of students.

Many of these attractions are housed in picturesque squares bursting with stores, cafes and restaurants. There are even a number of parks, so there is ample opportunity for some outdoor recreation and relaxation. Museums are also a staple of the area, with impressive collections covering a wide range of topics.

Another thing that makes Oxford and Cambridge stand out is their historic – and sometimes strange – traditions. For example, both universities have long held on to the practice of using Latin for special ceremonies such as matriculation and graduation. While this may seem a little outdated, it’s an important part of the culture that helps to distinguish Oxford and Cambridge from other universities.

Is There a Common Area For Group Activities in the Student Accommodation in Cambridge?

In terms of Cambridge student accommodation, there is plenty to choose from. There are a number of college-owned residences that provide both single and shared rooms for students. Most of the residences are within walking or cycling distance to the University departments and facilities, and all have a full catering service. However, there are also a number of privately-owned apartments that cater to students. Some have shared kitchens, while others are private.

The majority of the colleges also have their own dining halls, which are typically open to all students in the College. Students can also enjoy meals at other restaurants and cafés around the city. The Grafton Centre, one of the three main shopping areas in Cambridge, is just a 6 minute walk away, providing ample opportunities for shopping, eating and relaxing with friends.

Living in student accommodation often creates a vibrant and diverse community. Interacting with students from different backgrounds fosters cultural exchange and broadens perspectives, contributing to a well-rounded education. Furthermore, students who reside on or near campus are more likely to engage in campus activities, clubs, and events, enhancing their college experience beyond academics.

For those who want to explore the local area, a number of buses pass through the town centre daily, making it easy for students to get around. And for those who are interested in heading further afield, the rail station is just a 20-minute walk from the accommodation, giving you access to London and other major UK destinations.

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