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Journey to Self – 200 Hour Yoga & Meditation Training

200 Hour Yoga & Meditation Training

Become certified to teach yoga, and learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your teaching. This training will be transformational as you sharpen your spirit and cleanse away that which no longer serves. During this teacher training you will learn tools to help students self-regulate in times of stress and find safe space to practice. You will experience how yogic philosophy and meditation can be used to support students to develop an expansive window of tolerance, to come back into the body and to shift their relationship with the world around them.

Our 200 hour yoga and meditation teacher training is an immersive, experiential journey to delve into timeless teachings and practices in a supportive community. This teacher training provides an opportunity to explore all aspects of yoga practice including asana, pranayama and meditation, Yoga Anatomy, the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Philosophy. The practical aspect of the training includes learning how to create and sequence yoga classes through the classical system of Vinyasa Krama (intelligent pose progression).

In this yoga teacher training, trainees will learn the ten yamas and niyamas of Patanjali’s Eight-Fold Path, as well as the hatha yoga sutras. Through partner work and group discussion, trainees will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of these yogic guidelines and to see how they can be applied in daily life. Trainees will also be guided to understand the interrelationship of the yamas and niyamas, and how each supports the other in the quest for self-realisation.

Journey to Self – 200 Hour Yoga & Meditation Training

Through this training, participants will be introduced to the many benefits of breath observation and chakra cleansing & balancing through the practice of Yoga Nidra, Mantra and Restorative Yoga. In addition to these yoga teachings, trainees will learn the fundamentals of ayurveda, yogic cleaning practices and the ethics and code of conduct for a yoga teacher.

During this training, trainees will be immersed in the rich culture of Koh Phangan on a peaceful hilltop setting free from distraction and with beautiful turquoise waters. The training will include daily asana practice, group yoga and meditation sessions, daily chanting, self-inquiry and mindfulness practices. The nourishing food, beautiful accommodation and warm hospitality will allow trainees to immerse themselves in the journey and leave the training with a wealth of knowledge and personal transformation.


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