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Lease Purchase Clauses – Maintenance, Repairs, Alterations

I have been a real estate investor for over thirty years and I love selling a home on a lease purchase.

I require the tenant to maintain his property. If I ‘step in’ and organize maintenance, I’ll be paid an ‘administration’ fee to do so.

I do not allow ‘backyard gyms’. If there is one in the house when I buy, the seller must remove it before closing. Sure as heck, if a kid gets hurt, guess who gets sued?

Bottom line:

Maintenance and Repairs are the responsibility of the tenant and do not allow Alterations to the property.

Full clause:


Lessee/Tenant acknowledges that the premises are in good repair and repair, unless otherwise stated in this document. Lessee/Tenant shall, at his own expense, maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary manner, including all equipment, appliances therein, and exterior grass and shrubbery, and shall return the same, upon termination hereof, in the same condition as received, except for normal wear and tear. The Lessee/Tenant expressly stipulates and agrees that the Landlord is granting a discount on the rent in exchange for the Lessee/Tenant agreeing to make and bear the expenses or have made the maintenance and repairs of the dwelling; therefore, the Landlord will NOT be responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the facilities during the term of the Agreement or any extension.

If Owner determines (in Owner’s sole discretion) that the premises are not being maintained in a clean and sanitary manner, Owner may correct these violations and Renter/Tenant will be charged plus 200% thereof as an administration fee. The minimum management fee is $200. The Lessee/Tenant agrees to pay it immediately.

The Lessee/Tenant is responsible for maintaining the lawn, shrubbery and trees in an orderly and attractive manner. If not taken care of, Landlord has the right to have this done professionally and Tenant/Tenant agrees to pay the same plus 200% Landlord handling fee, $200 minimum handling fee)

Lessee/Tenant may not place any exterior buildings, above ground pools, diving boards, chain link fences, basketball goals, utility trailers, boats, buses, “backyard gyms”, playground equipment, semi-trucks, semi-trailers, dump trucks, inoperable and/or unlicensed vehicles, RVs, travel trailers, etc. on the Property (or on the streets surrounding the Property) without the permission of the Landlord.

Renter/Tenant acknowledges that Owner has a contract with a lawn fertilization company and that Renter/Tenant will reimburse Owner for the cost thereof.


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