Leeds rentals in a nutshell

“The UK universities are open and the buildings are distributed in a dotted pattern, so many times students prefer to choose a hostel closer to their college; as for the location and surroundings, even if you are in China, you can use a map to understand; for the internal facilities and services provided, you can look them up online or ask directly by email.

First of all, find out the Leeds student accommodation price and rental period. Generally speaking, large, regular hostel companies offer different rental periods, usually 40-50 weeks, with the shorter the rental period the more expensive it is. As for a private landlord, ask him personally or ask a regular agent, the vast majority of cases are basically the same as the big companies.

Secondly, find out about the deposit or security deposit. A deposit is usually required before you can book a room. This money serves two purposes: it is a deposit for the booking and a security deposit to cover any damage to the property if you move out.

Leeds rentals in a nutshell

The deposit for a large halls of residence company usually ranges from £300-500; if you rent your own room outside, it is usually one month’s rent. The key tip here is to find a reliable agent for off-campus rentals.

As a rule, whether it is a large company or an agent, the money received will be handed over to a third party for safekeeping. If you find a private landlord on your own, make sure you ask where the money is going. As an additional note, if you rent from an agent, you will usually pay the agent a service fee.

Once again, there are a number of costs included in the rent. In student accommodation Leeds halls of residence, all utilities and internet are included in the rent. For laundry, there is a separate laundry room in each dormitory, which requires a separate fee. For private residences, there is usually a separate fee for water and electricity networks. If you catch a typical British landlord who is particularly disciplined, you will need to do all these things yourself, ask him for the contact details of these companies and open a new account.

Don’t think this is a hassle, from my experience in the property industry, this is definitely the number one good landlord, both in terms of exercising your abilities and giving you freedom, as he considers these things to be between you and the utility company and he will not get involved. The only thing he gets involved in is contacting you regularly to help you maintain the house in a timely manner.

Finally, what are the services offered. Large hostel companies have a 24-hour security service, as well as free maintenance. Before you move in, the regular company and the landlord are going to let you check the condition of the house, and if any facilities are broken, say so in time to avoid trouble later.”

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