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Raise your level of expertise through podcasting

Whether you’re just starting out as a new podcaster or have been in the game for a while, it’s okay to stop and re-evaluate how and what you can do to become a better podcaster. Sometimes we miss the little things and neglect our shortcomings instead of looking for solutions to strengthen them. More than just trying to plug in a microphone and hit the record button, being a successful podcaster takes a lot more. You have to understand your style of speaking, master the art of being a good host and always put yourself in different situations to test your skills and help you constantly learn. Here are some things to do that will improve your experience level.

1. Try to interview experts in your niche

There are over a million podcasters on Apple Podcasts (with more being added every day). One must gain either a deeper knowledge base than your target competition or a much deeper (and authentic) interest in your podcast for you to stand out, but ideally both. Focus mainly on having the best guests related to the topic of your podcast.

By having well-known expert guests on your podcast, your audience will react positively and when they share your interviews, your stats will steadily increase. Even if possible, try to conduct your most important interviews in person. Although today Zoom or other online platforms make it extremely easy to do remote interviews, interviewing in person will also increase your ability to network. You could possibly create a new contact that will pay dividends later on!

2. Share your interview with the experts to gain more followers

This is probably a technique you are familiar with. There’s a reason the interview style model is based on so many podcasts. Interviewing someone with an audience brings the material in front of new faces. It is one of the most common ways to expand your subscriber base. The key to working with influencers in your niche is making sure they have an engaged audience. If someone has 10,000 social media followers that you can connect your interview with and see their posts get 500-1,000 comments on average, this is a very good person to work with.

If they have an incredibly active audience (5-10 percent), this could indicate an opportunity for you to have a solid conversion rate for your episode. When this expert tells their followers about your interview, some of those followers will also visit your website and services. Some of them might contact you, interested in being on your podcast too! Let’s get this straight though… because of your listeners, you’re not just interviewing people. You want to add people who make decisions based on the topic you’re talking about on your show.

4. Provide quality interviews and get quality results.

Make your interviews something your guests are proud of. You need to spend time researching your guest and preparing for a big interview. Not only will this preparation reflect well on your show, it will also inspire your guests to share the episode with their audience. The main advantage you will gain by rolling out the red carpet for influencers in your niche is gaining access to your audience, who could become your new listeners.


Increasing viewership and subscribers for yourself will increase your experience level in the eyes of others searching for and reviewing your shows in your niche. By interviewing other invited experts, you will also increase your position as an expert in the minds of your followers.


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