What are the dimensions and weight of the Atomstack air purifier?

dimensions and weight of the Atomstack air purifier

Atomstack’s X7 Pro doesn’t mess around when it comes to power. Its laser combines 20W of optical power with 130W of electrical power and is capable of cutting wood depth up to 25mm, acrylic up to 30mm, and even 0.05mm stainless steel plate. With that kind of commercial power, the X7 Pro also enables faster engraving and cutting speeds than other diode-based machines on the market.

The machine’s all-aluminum alloy anodized frame is both durable and rigid, ensuring extreme engraving accuracy and a straightforward set-up in just 20-and-a-half hours. In terms of space, the X7 Pro takes up a moderate amount of desktop space and can be easily relocated if needed. Its relatively lightweight aluminum alloy construction also allows for easy transport if you need to bring it to another area of the office or home.

It has two Atomstack air purifier motors that independently drive the X and Y-axis. Limit switches for both axes help you home the laser head. The X7 Pro also has a self-developed 32-bit motherboard that supports both LaserGRBL and LightBurn software for offline engraving. It also has a 3.5-inch HD touchscreen controller that’s magnetically attached to the front of the machine.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Atomstack air purifier?

The X7 Pro is equipped with an air assist pump that offers powerful airflow during engraving and cutting to reduce smoke, prevent dust from touching the laser lens, and extend the lifespan of the laser. The pump has a 10-30L/min adjustable airflow and produces only 60dB of noise during operation, which is about the same volume as an average household electric fan.

For users who want to use the X7 Pro on-the-go, Atomstack has developed an app for Android and iOS devices that enables you to remotely control the machine’s axis controls. The app allows you to run jobs, jog or home the machine, and adjust the speed and power settings. It also shows job status and allows you to reset a job if necessary.

Using the X7 Pro with the app is quick and easy, though it does feel a bit clunky at times. The UI could be more intuitive and streamlined, especially when navigating between different menus and screens. It would also be nice to have a separate screen for showing the actual job progress rather than having to constantly switch between tabs to see how the process is going.

The X7 Pro is one of the most affordable, high-powered laser engravers on the market and has some impressive features for its price. However, I’m still not convinced it’s a better option than other higher-end laser engravers from established companies such as Epilog and Dremel. The X7 Pro is also missing a few key features that you’d find on other competing models such as an exhaust system and a USB port for connecting the controller to a computer. Those features will be important to some buyers, so you should weigh those options carefully before making a purchase decision.

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