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Yes, reading is so important!

The National Network for Child Care explains that reading with your child is important. Why would the National Network for Child Care be commenting on the importance of reading with your child? It seems that child care is further categorized as dealing with unsanitary situations in the home. Reading to your child is taking care of her well-being and her educational standards because it defines the basis of her learning process. Why is reading to a child beneficial at home?

There are basic reasons behind this. It increases children’s vocabulary, stimulates the imagination, teaches them to listen, helps improve self-esteem and encourages positive social interaction. Here are some basic principles that should be taught at home to achieve ideal educational goals. Reading stories to children encourages them to read and helps develop emotions and intelligence. Reading to children early in their learning process helps prepare them for kindergarten and future school experiences ( Reading with a child is one of the most important projects a parent can do to improve her educational success.

Reading together can bring a closeness and a sense of security between parent and child. Dr. Bruce Perry explains: “The most important property of humanity is the ability to form and maintain relationships. These relationships are absolutely necessary for any of us to survive, learn, work, love and procreate. Within this inner circle of Intimacy relationships, we are bonded to one another with “emotional glue,” bonded with love” ( Parents can hold their child and share a special moment when they are read to. This time can give the child a sense of love and importance in her parent’s life. Reading can help bond with his father figure.

The National Assessment of Reading in English assessed about 8,000 first- and fifth-grade students in schools across the country. Here’s what the evidence found regarding the importance of reading at home. “The study found that children who are read to before starting school perform better than average” ( All these explanations prove that reading at home is just as important as feeding a child. Parents need to nurture their children’s education and they can do this simply by sitting down with their children for 20 minutes a day and reading a book to them. If this cannot be done, the parent could have a close sibling read to the child or, in the extreme, online tutoring.

Reading is very important at home and really lays the foundation for a child’s educational success. Reading brings closeness to a family and fosters the building of self-esteem that will last well into adulthood. Why would the National Child Care Network bother to teach parents about the importance of reading with their children? Simple, reading is so important to take care of.


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