Baby’s 1 Year Old – A 1st Birthday Party Celebration!

A baby’s first birthday is a milestone to cherish. Growth and development occur so quickly in those early years that it is worth an extra special celebration. Planning a first birthday is easy to do and any party planning specialist at a party supply store will be more than happy to help.

Themes to celebrate your baby’s first birthday can include multiple characters with the number 1. Simple characters, a color, or another party theme can also be used if your baby displays a favorite. Pink is very popular for girls and any shade of blue is ideal for boys.

A tradition at many first birthday parties is to let the baby break your cake. They get their own cake, big or small, it’s up to you and how much mess you want to clean up. Putting the cake on the high chair tray and letting them take it into their own hands is entertaining. The first taste of sugar and frosting can make a great photoshoot for any guest. It is recommended to remove important clothing at this time!

Create a special scrapbook for baby to remember your party. Cut out a piece of wrapping paper from each gift and glue it to one page. Add a paragraph of who it was and what it contained. The special notations of how long it took the baby to open the gift are fun to read when they are older.

When sending thank you notes, include a photo of the baby with the cake and frosting smashed all over his face. The image will be cherished for years to come, whether it is received by a friend or family member. The image also works well at high school graduations and weddings and makes them laugh a lot.

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